There are a large number of database tools and programming languages in existance today. Since 1993, our approach has been to work with a small set of the most powerful yet commonly used technologies available in the market. By becoming experts in a small set of tools, we are able to provide cost effective solutions for our clients. We are not learning on their dime.

Since 2000, we have designed all of our software as client server applications. Our database of choice is Microsoft SQL Server which we have used since version 7. We have extensive experience with TSQL and stored procedures.

Since 2005, we have developed our applications using Microsoft Visual Studio and the C# programming language. We have utilized the Microsoft .NET framework since version 2 to build many Windows applications.

For intranet/internet applications we also use Microsoft Visual Studio, the C# programming language and the ASP.Net framework. We utilize Telerik Controls, as well as AJAX and Javascript.

We currently utilize XtraReports as our report writer. We also have experience with Crystal Reports.

Our first desktop applications were developed in Paradox in the 90s. We then developed applications using Delphi from 1996 to 2004. About 20% our our work is enhanching and maintaining legacy delphi applications.

We also develop websites using WordPress.