Mission Statement

Our mission is to assist companies in designing and developing software that meets their needs, while remaining within time and budget constraints, and minimizing the interruptions to normal work responsibilities. We recognize that each client has a unique set of needs and resources. It is our job to combine our strengths with the available resources to provide a timely and cost effective solution.

Customer satisfaction is important to us, and we accomplish this through honesty, communication, and integrity. We treat our customers the way we like to be treated. We carefully explain all options available. We do not create work or experience for our firm by recommending a new technology unless we have defined a clear business need. We are honest about our experience and capabilities.

We consider the long term implications of every decision made. We design open ended system with the expectation that our clients will think of new features to add on each year. Whenever possible we store data for program features in supporting database tables so that any future changes can be implemented at no or minimal cost.