How Can We Help?

As a small company, we are very flexible and offer many advantages over the larger outsourcing agencies:

  • Your project will always be managed, and in most cases worked on by a developer with 25 years of software development experience.
  • We will work with you to provide a solution within your time and budget constraints. The project can be developed in defined modules as time and funding permits and you can be assured that the same developer will work on your system when you are ready to resume development.
  • You are not hiring a temporary employee and so you do not have to commit to paying a developer for forty hours each week. We will work with you at your pace.
  • We can develop the entire project or work with your staff to complete a piece of it.
  • We are comfortable working with your entire staff from the non technical computer user; to department managers; to IT personnel. We have developed applications for companies without IT departments; and for companies whose IT staff were too busy or did not develop software. In these cases we worked with the IT staff to install the software according to their guidelines.
  • We are willing to provide a fixed bid for well defined projects.