CT Software

Formed in 2007 after relocating to the middle Tennessee area, CT Software Systems LLC draws from 14 years of owning and operating Western Data Technologies in California’s Silicon Valley. During the last 23 years, we have worked with small businesses, non-profit agencies, municipalities, and fortune 500 companies. We have developed software for every aspect of business including programs that

  • Document health care initiative training provided by a leading insurer to a network of doctors.
  • Track at risk loan information for a bank.
  • Convert quotes to sales orders to invoices, track sales information, and compute sales commissions.
  • Collect human resource information, including hiring, firing, promotion, and demotion history.
  • Track inventory in manufacturing and advance exchange repair systems.
  • Assist with distribution of grants.
  • Assist with municipal budget preparation, timecards, and permits.
  • And much more.
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