Once we have completed the formal requirements document, we begin programming. We realize that new requirements will probably arise throughout the development cycle and are prepared to handle them. When enhancing existing systems, we request a copy of the code for our office so that we can make test without affecting the live system. When the application must work with existing data, we request a copy of that data so that we can use it for our initial testing.

We safeguard our client’s software investment by using the most common and powerful technologies available and providing them with the source code for all custom solutions. We develop all of our applications using client server technology, although we still maintain file server legacy systems that we worked on during the 1990s.

We have used Microsoft SQL Server as our database since version 2000 for approximately 90% of our projects. We prefer using stored procedures for optimal performance benefits. We also have some ORACLE, Microsoft Access, and Paradox experience.

Since 2006 we have developed our applications using Microsoft Visual Studio and the C# programming language. We currently use C# for 80% of our work. The remaining 20% is done in Delphi which was our programming language of choice in the late 90s and early 2000. We continue to use Delphi to service our legacy applications.