Needs Assessment

Needs Assessment (Scope of work or formal requirements document)

We start by working with you to identify all of the needs that the application must satisfy. We will hold one or more meetings to learn about your existing system and the objectives of the new system. During this process we will document and make decisions on the following

  • Are we developing this application for a single person, a group of people on an internal network, a group of internal people at different locations (branches), internal and external people (i.e. will customers be able to enter data into the system or have access to reports). This information will guide us in determining if we should be developing a Windows or web application.
  • What type of database system will be used? Our preference is to use Microsoft SQL Server. For small applications they have a free version. As your company grows you can upgrade to the paid version.
  • What are the business features and functions that the new software must satisfy? At this point in the process we will be working on a broad overview. For example, we will say that the software has to produce this specific report formatted this way as a paper, Excel, and PDF document. However, we will not document how the business logic or calculations work on the report.

The end result of this will be the preparation of a Scope of Work or Formal Requirements document. This document will contain a detailed description of the features that will be provided, how the software will function, and what it will cost. This document will serve as a blueprint for the project. An estimate of additional cost will be provided for any additional changes requested by the client that are not in the original scope of work document once the work begins.