It would be hard to find an organization or business that does not make use of computers. The question to ask is whether you are using computers effectively to accomplish your business objectives. The natural tendency is to purchase a computer with email, a word processor, and a spreadsheet. Given enough time, a person armed with these tools should be able to accomplish anything. And that is where bottlenecks exist in many organizations, as people spend hours forcing general software to provide the information needed.

The next step that businesses usually take is to invest in commercial off the shelf (COTS) applications designed for their industry. Depending on the specific situation, this could very well satisfy the software requirements of the organization. The question to ask is whether this software provides all of the information your staff needs to be responsive and competitive in your market. If your staff still has to use a spreadsheet to keep track of those few extra items and prepare those unique reports, then the bottleneck still exists. In this case, we recommend exploring your options. It may be possible to develop a small application that would export data from the COTS application, capture the additional data needed with a data entry screen and prepare the reports that are currently done with a spreadsheet. Another alternative is to “retire” the COTS application and develop an application tailored specifically to your unique business process.

Our goal is to create software that accomplishes exactly what your organizations needs. This provides you with the following benefits:

  • Your staff becomes very productive because they are looking at data entry screens that flow and contain terms, logic, and calculations that match your unique business process.
  • You will have the critical information needed for decision making or support in a fraction of the time currently needed to obtain it.
  • You should see a reduction in training cost since staff familiar with your business process will see screens that are more intuitive to them.
  • Your staff can now concentrate on other core business objectives.

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